Hayley Swiderski

Program & Operations Coordinator

Hayley Swiderski, Program & Operations Coordinator, joined Talley in October 2019 as an Administrative Assistant to the American Headache Society. In December of 2021, she stepped into a Program & Operations position, allowing her to devote more time and expertise to Executive Committee and Board of Directors support while managing the Society's primary care education program.

Before joining the Talley family, Hayley spent some time as a Meeting Manager for several non-profit organizations in the healthcare field. Her professional background boasts extensive administrative experience in a variety of capacities, and she is often recognized for her organizational skills and attention to detail. She graduated from Rutgers University - New Brunswick with a double major in English and Journalism and Media Studies.

Hayley lives in South Jersey with her husband, Paul, and two dogs, Archie and Fiona. In her spare time she enjoys visiting the Jersey shore, spending time with friends and family, and reading the latest horror or thriller novels.

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