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As an international association management company, we are committed to expanding our reach globally and building partnerships across the world. Learn more about how our current joint ventures can help your association.



A joint venture between Talley and Plan it! Meetings and Conferences India, Vraata is an Association Management Company serving the Indian subcontinent. Like Talley, Plan it! specializes in conference and event planning, association management and consulting, and loyalty and engagement strategies.

Together, we bring expertise in association management and event planning to provide associations with global experience, local connections, education, and opportunities in the region. Outside of the Indian subcontinent, our partnership enables growth for both parent organizations, our clients, and other international, national, and regional associations that want to engage in India.



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Launched together by Talley and association professional Jeffers Miruka in Kenya, African Association Management Company (AFAMCO) serves national, regional, and international associations. Together through AFAMCO, Talley and Jeffers provide associations with global experience, local connections, education and opportunities on the African continent.

As part of this joint venture, Jeffers expands his outreach and can share his expertise in association management as the Executive Director of the African Association of Agricultural Economists (AAAE) and the President of the African Society of Association Executives (AfSAE). On the Talley side, we’re able to bring our international expertise to the region and help both new and existing clients expand their efforts as well.

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