Ally McGuire, CMP

Meeting Planner

Ally McGuire, CMP, Meeting Planner is a seasoned meeting professional. Ally channels over five years of experience and a coveted CMP certification into curating exceptional events. Passionate about the intricacies of event management, she excels in crafting experiences that seamlessly align with the client's vision and goals.

Recognized for her ability to establish robust partnerships, Ally thrives on fostering collaborative relationships with clients. By incorporating client direction and input into the event development process, she ensures that each occasion is not just meticulously organized but also reflects the essence of the client's aspirations and preferences.

Driven by a dedication to surpassing expectations, Ally blends creativity with a meticulous approach to event planning. This approach ensures that every detail is carefully considered and executed, resulting in unforgettable and purpose-driven gatherings that resonate with attendees.

Ally lives near Seattle, Washington. When she is not planning, she can be found exploring a used bookshop, drinking a cup of coffee, or hanging out with friends at the local pub.

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