Talley Management Group Grows, Advances Team Members to Manage Company’s Expansion

As TMG expands, newly appointed associate directors will lead divisions related to their field of expertise.

Talley Management Group, Inc. (TMG), a 33-year-old, employee-owned, leading association management company, recently announced its newly structured organizational chart that positions client-facing staff with colleagues who oversee organizations within the same industry or field. This reorganization has led to the promotion of Leslie Teris, CAE, JD; Brent Schwartz; and Nim Lalvani, all of whom are current Executive Directors within TMG. The TMG Meetings and Events Team has also grown, promoting senior team member Wendy Stevens to Associate Director, Meetings.

“The restructuring of our internal staffing model allows our teams to be even more collaborative than they already are,” said TMG Chief Operating Officer Joe Sapp, MBA, CAE. “Many of our organizations face the same situations, especially those within the same specialty. This structure creates a sharing environment where leaders can exchange knowledge, experiences, and best practices that focus on not just the association industry, but more specifically, the industry that each represents.”

The four TMG team members are currently in leadership roles, overseeing client partners related to their respective area.

Leslie Teris, JD, CAE Associate Director, Business and Professional – Leslie has more than a decade of experience in the field of professional association management, primarily within an association management company but also as an independent executive director. She has participated in all aspects of association management, including development and implementation of programs, policies and procedures, the administration of awards programs, membership recruitment and retention, information systems transitions, and the coordination of electronic media initiatives.

Brent Schwartz, Associate Director, Healthcare and Scientific – Brent Schwartz brings over 20 years of experience in the association, medical education, and pharmaceutical industries. He has served as a medical society Educative Director, CEO for a medical education company, and Director at an association management company. He has managed and directed CME activities and programs internationally, educational grant programs, global conferences, exhibit and sponsorship programs, and satellite symposia for live and virtual environments.

Nim Lalvani, Associate Director, Philanthropic and Charitable – Nim has worked in patient engagement, patient programming, and patient advocacy for over twelve years. Coupled with her education and passion for patient advocacy, She has held patient-focused and leadership positions at numerous organizations, successfully designing projects and programs that demonstrate patient centricity and patient engagement.

Wendy Stevens, Associate Director, Meetings – In almost 18 years with TMG, Wendy has managed a range of client events from 25 to 2500 attendees, mostly in the medical field and trade association events, both international and domestic. In 2015 Wendy was presented with several new opportunities in the form of managing the liaison with the general services contractor, registration, and hospitality areas for a citywide conference of 58,000 attendees and involvement with the World Meeting of Families that preceded the Papal visit in Philadelphia. She currently is managing several virtual meetings for varying client partners.

The three new Associate Directors will maintain their roles as the Executive Directors of their current associations, working in their new positions to guide and lead TMG’s Association Management Services (AMS) Division, led by TMG Director of Association Services, Ethan Gray, CAE. In her role as Associate Director, Meetings, Wendy Stevens will lead members of the TMG Meetings and Events Team, led by TMG Director of Event Strategy and Chief Diversity Officer, Derrick Johnson, CMP, DES.

Talley Management Group, Inc. currently works with over 40 national and global associations providing full association management services; outsourced solutions and consulting services; and in-person, virtual and hybrid meetings and events services.

For more information about Talley Management Group, Inc. and its services, visit talley.com.