A New Look for Our Expert Association Management

Talley is excited to share a new look across our organization and on our website. After a long-overdue rebranding process, the Talley team is ready to provide our clients with the same dependable and impactful association management we’ve come to be known for, but now, with a clearer image of our own story and goals.

After 35 years with the same visual identity, it was time for a refresh that better represented our place as a leader in association management, while also reflecting our longstanding values of family, strategic thinking, and expertise. While we began as a small father and son operation, we've grown into a major player in the industry with the help of our outstanding team, all of whom share the same dedication to furthering the missions of our nonprofit clients. With this in mind, it became clear that our original identity needed some updates to better align with who we are now, the era we're working in, and where we're looking to go in the future.

Reenvisioning Talley

Talley Branding

As a leader in association management, we needed a bold identity that could encapsulate the caliber of work we do, both for our clients and the industry as a whole. While our logo was in need of a modern refresh, our growth over the years allowed us to opt for an emphatic visual that accentuates our 35 years of experience, expertise in association management, and quality of our services.

Our updated look is rooted in our history and values as an organization, thanks to the design team who led the process with questions about who we are and where we’re going. With this approach, we were able to ensure that our new look represented our organization from the inside out, with a focus on our values and mission.

Along with this, we decided to go by Talley instead of the full Talley Management Group to shift the emphasis to our skills as a team. Visually, the design team represented this with the bold period at the end of our name, showing we are the one-stop shop for all association management needs.

Putting it Into Practice

As part of our visual update, we launched a new site that better communicates our expert services and our most valuable offering — our team. With a site that is more modern and easy to navigate, we can highlight the excellent work of our team.

TMG About Us Page

The About Us has an added emphasis that allows us to showcase our team while our Blogs and Case Studies highlight the extraordinary work everyone at Talley contributes to the successes of our clients. Through easy access to our association resources and a focus on the people that make Talley what it is, the design team helped us emphasize our warm, inviting, and collaborative approach to association management.


Thanks to the rebranding process and the refreshed website, our team is reinvigorated and ready to continue providing top-tier association management for all of our clients.