Honoring Our Team

View the winners of the TMG Awards from the 2019 Annual Holiday Party.

This past week we had a chance to bring our company together and celebrate a successful year at TMG. At our Annual Holiday Party, we were able to say more than just thank you to each of our team members, but also their significant others as well for their support. While each of our teams had successes throughout the year, we took the time to recognize a few individuals on their work on behalf of TMG and our client partners.

TMG Service Awards

Leslie Teris – 5 Years

Heather Seasholtz – 5 Years

Nelly Flumo – 5 Years

Diann Furfaro – 10 Years

15Five Awards

Emily Freeman – Most High Fives Received

Howard Rosen – Most High Fives Given

Anna Quinn – 15Five MVP

TMG Annual Awards

Andrea Taylor – Presidents

Nim Lalvani – Leadership

Sam Clement – Client Service

Erin O’Leary – Client Service

AATOD – Team Impact

Sharon Murphy – Individual Impact

Steph Moyer – Individual Impact

Emily Freeman – Meeting Innovation

Thank you to each member of our team and the work they do each day. Wishing them and our client partners a happy holiday and a happy & healthy new year to them and their families.