ACCME and Sponsorship: How they go together and what you need to know

Engaging with sponsors while providing ACCME education? Here's a few things you need to know.

Are you involved with a healthcare or medical industry society that is considering offering Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) education? For those that are ACCME Accredited or plan to become accredited, understanding the standards around sponsorship of educational events is essential.

Some of TMG’s medical specialty society client partners are accredited by ACCME or obtain ACCME Accreditation and must follow the Standards for Commercial support with regard to sponsorship of educational conferences, symposia and meetings. Medical societies seek and obtain these sponsorships as permitted within the ethical and regulatory constraints that ensure independence.

Industry partners have no ability to provide input into either the selection of faculty or the educational content presented. However, relationship building with current and potential sponsors is critical in the identification and establishment of projects, programs and activities that are of mutual interest to both parties.
Sponsorship of educational conferences may fall into several categories:

  • Educational support – requires comprehensive needs assessment, objectives and outcomes and is submitted to independent medical education portal
  • Exhibit program – provides industry opportunities for promotion of FDA-approved products and devices. This promotional activity must remain within the exhibit hall
  • Industry sponsored items – include promotional items such as meeting bags, lanyards and advertisements but may not include any product logos
  • Industry sponsored programs – Satellite symposia or product theatres

All of these activities can help raise additional support for your educational activities, but societies must be extremely mindful of the ACCME Standards, while avoiding actual or perceived conflict of interest. All support and sponsorships, regardless of the category, must be publicly acknowledged.

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