3 Tips for Partners Participating in Virtual Exhibition

How sponsors and partners of virtual events can maximize their investment and increase engagement.

A year ago, virtual events were occasional, often not expanding past a webinar or meeting. Today, virtual events occur daily-even hourly-connecting attendees, partners, sponsors, and other audiences from all over the world. So yes, events are still happening but are they still engaging all participants? TMG’s most recent webinar, “Techniques for Virtual Sponsors & Exhibitions: How to Capture Your Audience, Increase ROI, and Engage Attendees,” explored ways to engage all audiences on every level, resulting in a successful virtual experience, not just a successful virtual event. Based on webinar attendee requests, the presenters released these three additional tips, covering the topic of partner participation in a virtual exhibition.


Before participating as a partner in a virtual experience, it’s imperative to understand how your mission and objectives align with the hosting organization and the attendee personas. Connect your product/service with the audience’s needs. A successful partnership strategy involves immersive experiences and activations to engage attendees, both within and outside of the virtual community.


Gamification is a great technique for a call-to-action, guiding the participant journey through your entire experience and toward partners. Everyone loves a challenge, so leverage this competitive spirit for a chance to earn access to exclusive content, unlock exclusive areas/abilities through the virtual community, and simply push participants to become more involved.


The virtual environment allows the ability to instantly capture attendee actions and make more direct correlations, bringing interest to the products and services of the partner. Is the participant genuinely interested, or are they just clicking to win the prize? Leveraging real-time analytic to customize the experiences of participants is vital to increasing the ROI for partners. We don’t need to leave the signage in front of the room door if it’s not being seen, we can turn that sign into an elephant in the virtual world. Be creative with the use of data.See the webinar again (or catch it for the first time) now.