Maripat Traino, DES

Senior Meeting & Exhibits Manager

Maripat Traino, DES, Senior Meeting & Exhibit Manager, is a meeting planner with over a decade of hands-on experience. She currently serves as the Senior Meeting and Exhibit Manager to five clients, including two medical associations.

Maripat directly manages the meetings for the following associations: American Radium Society (ARS), the oldest society devoted to the study and treatment of cancer; the Instructional Technology Council (ITC), a leader in advancing distance education; the Headache Cooperative of the Pacific (HCOP), whose mission is to promote communication and dissemination of headache information among headache caregivers and researchers and provide headache education for non-headache specialists and increase understanding of headache treatment in the medical and healthcare community; the Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals (OBAP), a nonprofit organization dedicated to the encouragement and advancement of minorities in all aviation and aerospace careers. OBAP members encourage diversity in the industry by supporting aspiring aviation professionals through Project Aerospace, a series of scholarships, mentoring, training, and youth-focused education programs; and finally, SAVE International (SAVE), the premier international society devoted to advancing and promoting the Value Methodology in engineering and providing its members education and training, publications, certification, promotional tools, networking and recognition.

In 2015, Maripat assisted with the Philadelphia Word Meeting of Families and Papal Visit, managing housing for 1,400 VIPs, scholarship recipients, speakers, and staffers. She also managed speaker communications that included collaborating with the presentations for 140 speakers.

Prior to joining Talley Management Group in 2011, she was responsible for the Campbell Soup Company – Foodservice Division Annual Conference with a budget of over $1.2 million and more than 500 employees in attendance. She also managed quarterly regional conferences in addition to producing the quarterly and annual sales reports for the Foodservice Division.

In her spare time, Maripat enjoys spending time with her four children, traveling, particularly to visit her daughter, an officer in the U.S. Air Force, wherever she is stationed or visiting her oldest daughter, a Physician’s Assistant in St. Louis. She has also taken up photography, so don’t be surprised to see her taking pictures of the audience at one of the conferences!

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